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Shawn Eichorst fired….

Shawn Eichorst fired….

If I were the President of the University of Nebraska I would fire Shawn Eichorst today and stop the bleeding.

Let’s look at a few things here.

Nebraska has started the season 1-2 only 3 times in the last 50+ years, 2 of those coming in the last three seasons with Mike Riley as Head Coach.

Nebraska just paid $800K + to NIU to come in to our turf and beat us. The least we could do is stop scheduling non-Power 5 conference teams and lose to some teams that we don’t have to pay to beat us.

Now football isn’t the only thing not going well….

Nebraska Basketball under Miles is horrible, and have not been relevant since he has taken over.

Nebraska Woman’s basketball has tanked as of late.

The only thing worth while in Nebraska is the Volleyball team headed up by John Cook who is just solid all around.

If Eichorst were to be fired today, we could give Husker Nation some hope that the University is willing to change and not settle for mediocre results. I guarantee after Shawn goes, Riley would be in a close second of losing his job.

The embarrassment that was seen today was a sign that things are not improving, and a sign that nice guys don’t always finish last. I like Mike as a guy but as a coach who can hold people accountable, nuh uh, not so fast sweetheart.

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