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Wisconsin: Ten things I hate about you.

Wisconsin: Ten things I hate about you.

As we all know, this whole Nebraska, Wisconsin rivalry has been a bit one sided, and damn it, it makes me furious. So I have compiled a list of the Top Ten things I hate about Wisconsin.

After you read the list, let me know what you hate about Wisconsin.

  1. You stole Barry Alvarez, if you had not have done that, you wouldn’t be in the position you are today.
  2. Your mascot looks stupid, He’s a giant sweater wearing badger, not scary or intimidating at all. He looks like he’s been kickin it with Mr Rogers, and has been Netflix and chillin in his neighborhood.
  3. The 2012 Big Ten Championship game, we obviously gave you guys a safe lead to make you feel inferior, and we start off the second half with a shot heard around the world courtesy of Mr Kenny Bell and y’all act like it wasn’t a clean block. That block was cleaner than a Barry Bonds steroid test, I swear to god.
  4. You sent us Shawn Eichorst, to ruin Husker Nation and to bring down a notch. Not cool guys, not cool at all.
  5. Copying our uniforms…. Look I know we look damn good in the scarlet and cream, but that doesn’t give you guys the right to steal our style.
  6. Your cheese really isn’t that good, I hate cheese, it clogs me up worse than my wife’s hair clogging the bathroom drain that never get’s cleaned out.
  7. Your stadium is called Camp Randall? That doesn’t even make sense, you can’t park an RV in it or pitch a tent, so the jokes on you.
  8. You run the ball better than we currently do and that just straight up grinds my gears.
  9. Your state has a cow chip throwing competition every year, how sick can y’all be, flinging poo around in a contest. Gross.
  10. Did I mention y’all stole Barry Alvarez?

Husker Fans, what do you hate the most about Wisconsin.

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