According to Lars Anderson, who reported several weeks ago that Frost to Nebraska was a done deal is now saying that a press conference is set for Saturday at 4pm. This would come after UCF plays in the AAC Conference Championship game.

Lars is also claiming that Barrett Ruud will be the new LB coach, he is currently employed as a quality control associate for the UCF football program.

Keep in mind Lars is a friend of Tom Osborne and even road with him to attend the funeral of Lawrence Phillips.


    • How can you confirm anything posting as “anonymous”??? I’d also love to get the names of the real estate agents that gave the names of their potential clients. Since that is a major violation of real estate law.

  1. Scott Frost,
    You left Nebraska and the Cornhuskers a legacy behind you. Once you return to Nebraska and if you do not have the seasons the fans expect, your legacy will be forgotten and you will become just another hated coach. I would save the trouble and go or stay anywhere else, the fans will NEVER be happy with anyone!

  2. Hey im looking to still sell a home in lincoln area. Otherwise I could tryout for o-coordinator. I dont have much going on


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